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About Us

JaaR Group’s dynamic team is comprised of industry experts who have the breadth of knowledge in the areas of transportation, strategic planning, micro-mobility, ‘Big Data’ analytics and engineering designs. Serving clients in Canada, United States, Asia and Europe, we are proud to offer powerful solutions to solving complex challenges around the world.

About Us: About

Our Mission

Our commitment to making a positive impact to communities is the key driver for the founding of Idea Lab at JaaR.

By forming strategic partnerships with industry experts and institutions, we continue to optimize the synergies between mobility solutions and emerging technology.


Our Core Values


We believe in collaboration.

At JaaR Group, we work with top talents in engineering, planning and technology fields to create powerful solutions to solving complex mobility challenges.

agile and responsive.

We partner with our clients to achieve goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, rather we innovate and integrate technological solutions to adapt to new demands, re-imagine, and retrofit systems. Our team focuses on smart and agile solutions to optimize the movement of people and goods in communities.

actualize bold ambitions

Innovation is engrained in our company's DNA. 

Given the growing demand in major capital projects around the world, our team is committed to create visionary but implementable solutions for our clients.

Resilience-oriented solutions.

In response to the dynamic and evolving challenges in the industry, our team always strive to develop tailored strategies and sustainable solutions that help our clients to make better decisions and investments.

We work with our clients by understanding their unique challenges and developing tailored and innovative community building solutions. Working with recognized experts around the globe, we are dedicated to the consistent achievement of industry leading standards of excellence, innovative problem-solving and utilizing cutting-edge technology that aids in the timely and cost-effective delivery of multi-disciplinary projects.

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