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Digital Solutions

Digital intelligence is transforming the landscape of infrastructure planning.  

We partner with smart digital solutions experts to disrupt the traditional infrastructure space and accelerate the integration of emerging technological trends (Internet of Things), modernizing data to make smarter decisions, while supporting research & strategy for the digital ecosystems. 



Our Markets

We are an engineering-technology firm in the Planning/Architecture/Engineering/Construction/Maintenance (PAECMT) space, serving clients worldwide to re-imagine smart infrastructure projects of any scale. 

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Highway Aerial

Transport Engineering

Transportation is the backbone of a City.

Recognizing the growing population and rapid urbanization around the world, we adopt a holistic approach to solve today's mobility challenges by integrating planning visions and engineering principles, with emerging technologies into our solutions.  

Smart Freight 

Supply Chain Management Drives Economic Prosperity and Growth.

We help logistic companies to implement smarter and more economical management systems that provide benefits to the entirety of the business ecosystem.

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Transit Infrastructure

Paradigm shift to sustainable transportation.

There is an imminent need for reducing carbon footprint by all modes of transport: personal cars, trucks, transit, trains and boats/marine. JaaR Group has these sustainable goals in mind, by providing agile and resilient solutions to improve cities and communities worldwide.


Quality is the cornerstone of construction projects.

JaaR Group brings together the experts  from design and construction to maintenance and management for major infrastructure projects. Our management team's diverse market experience in North America and forward-thinking mindset enable us to deliver client-focused solutions to over see full project lifecycle.

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Sustainable Energy


Balance of Economic Success and Environmental Stewardships. 

Sustainable services is a rapid growing consultancy industry rendering a wide range of environmental related services. JaaR Group ensures sustainability targets are integrated into our solutions by reducing environmental impacts and focusing on resiliency in buildings and public infrastructure. 

Transport Eng
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