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Our Services

Innovative and Implementable Solutions

We embrace the disruption of technological advancement in our project solutions. A deep understanding of the interconnectivity between built environment, technologies and people is the key to our team's success in delivering quality and future-ready solutions to our clients.


Technology & Innovation

Leveraging our team's experience in Big Data, AI, Software Development or Visualization, we are proud of our ability to serve our clients through all aspects of a project life cycle. Our team develops future-proof solutions from planning to design, implementation and maintenance. 

Discover Our Expertise

Transport Mobility

Re-imaging urban mobility solutions.

JaaR Group provides integrated planning and engineering services to our clients, our team's direct project experience include:

  • Traffic Engineering/Operation Studies 

  • Traffic Management/Construction Staging

  • Preliminary and Detail Design 

  • Road Safety Reviews/Audits

  • Parking Studies

  • Tender Preparation and Contract Administration

  • Electrical Engineering/Roadway Lighting/Signal Design

  • Urban Planning

  • Transit Planning

  • Transport Simulation 

  • Transportation Master Plans

  • Multi-Modal Assessment

  • Complete Street Design

  • Wayfinding Strategy


Digital Intelligence

Leveraging emerging technologies.

Together with industry experts and researchers, JaaR Group delivers technological solutions to manage infrastructure, transport system and program management:

  • Intelligent Transportation Solutions

  • Transit Signal Priority

  • Smart Work Zone Systems

  • Smart Traffic Management Systems

  • Adaptive Traffic Signal Control

  • Railroad Preemption

  • Big Data/Software Development/APIs

  • Communication Network

  • CCTV System Design

  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS)

Our GIS experts offers a wide range of geo-spatial solutions to our clients:

  • Transit Service Planning and Route Assignments

  • Asset Management

  • Customized Mobile Applications and Dashboards

  • GIS Strategic Planning

  • Database Management

  • Land Suitability Analysis

  • Viewshed and Shadow Analyses

  • Wind Speed Assessment

Crowd Management

Managing pedestrian flows

JaaR Group provides integrated planning and engineering services to our clients, our team's direct project experience include:

  • Transit Station Designs  (Subway, LRT, metro)

  • Special Event/Game Venue Transport Strategies

  • Spectator transport demand forecasting

  • Wayfinding Strategies

  • Evacuation Scenario /Egress models

  • Infrastructure and Commercial Developments


Resilient Solutions

Resilient and sustainable solutions.

We partner with industry experts to ensure the resilience of multi-modal transportation assets and infrastructure under critical conditions.

  • Evacuation Planning

  • Adaptive Transportation Modelling in Disaster Management

  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Applications

  • Environmental data management

  • Emergency Response Planning

Smart Cities Solutions

Our team focuses on the implementation of smart cities concepts. We determine the optimal and feasible technical concepts that are most suitable for client needs. Tailored solutions are than developed by levering our expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), machine-learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics. We offer direct services in software development as well as pilot studies.

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